8 Remote Seasonal Jobs You Can Do To Earn Extra Money

At Remote.co, other, perhaps more esoteric, skills for remote customer service agent positions include conflict resolution, being “detail-obsessed,” and the capacity to maintain composure under pressure. Jobs that require interacting one-on-one with the public demand a few specific talents and qualifications, among them patience, problem-solving skills, and the ability to listen empathetically. Being a remote customer service agent, versus dealing with customers in person, adds another layer to the mix when you’re interacting via the computer or over the phone.

The environment for a remote customer service agent is most often in a dedicated home office or workspace. You’ll need a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) before you can apply for be a tax preparer, and some states also have additional requirements, including New York and California. Traditionally, most seasonal jobs were found in retail – such as helping out on the shop floor, or delivering parcels. However, now remote jobs are becoming more and more common, and you can earn extra income without having to step outside. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can leave a real dent in your bank account.

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As we all know, Christmas is a busy time of year for the jolly bearded guy, and as such he has employed swathes of helpers over the years to make appearances at shopping malls, schools and events. Payments can either be a one-off sum, or a share of the revenue based on number of sales the audio book achieves. This one might seem a little out there, but if you’ve got a pleasant sounding voice, then you could be using it to generate extra income for yourself. The Smart Home Specialist is responsible for ensuring our Members receive an outstanding member experience. Depending on the industry and company, a second language may be an invaluable asset if the employer has a global customer base. If you continue to see this
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Duties will include speaking to customers/clients, routing calls, arranging appointments and so on. Your job may entail fielding complaints, providing details about the services or products your organization offers, and being able to work independently and with minimal supervision. With the Christmas break approaching fast, many of us will be planning to take time off. As such you’ll find that many companies are looking to hire virtual receptionists to cover the shortfall over Christmas. In terms of the sort of information you’ll be entering, it could be literally anything. If you’ve never done data entry before, you’ll soon discover that the actual information doesn’t really matter – it’s just a case of getting it into the database as quickly as possible (and ensuring it’s correct, of  course).

Here’s a look at some of the remote customer service agent jobs at Remote.co, as well as some insight:

Aside from being technology proficient, a remote customer service agent may be required to have very specific technology, depending on the employer’s needs. Many employers require only a high school degree or equivalent, although a college degree may be required in some cases. Proficiency with computers and basic technology is usually a must to handle email, live chat, and other communication platforms.

Data entry roles lend themselves nicely to remote work, and providing you can work under your own steam and don’t mind repetitive tasks, they can be a great way to make a little extra cash in the run up to Christmas. Seeing a gap in the market, companies such as JingleRing popped up during the pandemic, when in-person events were much harder to arrange, and have persevered. There are plenty of seasonal opportunities for Tax Preparer rolls, although unlike most of the roles on this list, this job has a slightly longer lifespan, usually running from around December to the end of April. We’ve collected eight seasonal roles that can be done fully remotely, so take a look and see if any of them are a good fit for you. AAA recently acquired SAFE Security, the 11th largest smart home security company in the United States, with the vision to become the most trusted brand in this industry. With your help, we aspire to provide the same peace of mind at home as we have provided on the roads for the last 100 years.

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These are essentially the same as the traditional mall Santa gig, but over Zoom instead. As the name suggests, the job involves helping companies prepare to file their taxes at the end of the season, with remote customer service many firms taking on extra pairs of hands to get the task done. The good news for you is that you don’t need to sit behind a desk in an office to do the job – you can just as easily do it from home.

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That’s why many people turn to seasonal jobs, to earn a little income in the run up to the big day. One of the nice things about sales jobs like this is that some offer bonuses based on performance, so you could see your seasonal job turn into a nice earner with the right approach. While many of these roles will be phone based, many also involve speaking with customers via text chat, so don’t be too put off if speaking over the phone isn’t your thing. Wanting to move with the times, he now needs help online, with job roles popping up for virtual Santas.

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